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Add Facebook comment box in WordPress Blog

WordPress is one of the most useable, comfortable and free CMS Platform for web developers and Bloggers, because WordPress provides drag & drop options to modify your blog. Its search engine friendly and easy to use and have thousands of Plugins we just have to install and use them. We don’t need to develop or coding. WordPress provides a cms platform, themes and plugins free of cost. Billions of People are earning money through their WordPress blog.

SEO Facebook Comment
How to use and how the WordPress blog looks like?
The usage of WordPress is for blogging, Personal website, Business website and more. We can install any kind of blog we like to run, every kind of themes and plugins are available for free and also for premium.

Comments on posts are very important for both writers and readers, because the readers will ask some questions related to the article. Below the post there are options to fill out the form and submit the comment, but this is time consuming and spams will also comment. WordPress provides us a plugin (SEO Facebook Comment) to add a Facebook comment box and using a Facebook account anybody can comment on any post.

How to Add Facebook comment Box in WordPress blog?
To add, you have to go to Install new plugin in your blog CMS.

1. First just type “SEO Facebook Comment” and press search plugins button.

Search SEO Facebook Comment Plugin

Search SEO Facebook Comment Plugin

2. On the top of search you will find this plugin and press install. After a few seconds it will install this plugin on your blog.

SEO Facebook Comment Plugin

SEO Facebook Comment Plugin

On the left hand side of CMS there will be added new icon with the name of “SEO Facebook Comment” just Click on it, now you will find SEO Facebook comment page Options below. Here you need to complete some requirements to add the Facebook comment box in the blog.

You need to fill out the Facebook App ID, App Secret and Admin ID.

How to Create Your Facebook App to get App Id & App Secret?
How to get your Facebook User ID?

After inserting details in the above fields, press on the saving Changes button. Now just open any post and you will find the following Facebook comment box.
SEO Facebook Comment

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  1. It’s a good way to know the person, who is commenting on your blog.
    Nice work Sohail Bahi.

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