Friday , 18 April 2014

Create Facebook Fan Page

The second largest social networking website in the world is Facebook and has billions of users. Approximately More than 90% internet users are using Facebook. So to interact and promote with a lots of people is very easy in Facebook. To be connected with your fans, customers or clients on Facebook, the best way is create Facebook Page.

How to Create Facebook Page:

  1. You must be logged in Facebook, If not Facebook user please create your new Facebook account.
  2. Now Visit this link to create a Facebook Page.
  3. In this step you must need to select appropriate category according to your business or website.Create Facebook Page
  4. If you want to create Facebook Page For your website.
  5.  Press on Brand or Product and the below page will be open.Select Category in facebook page
  6. Give your page a name, agree to the Facebook pages terms and click Get Started
  7. ON the setup page, write little bit about your page in description field, enter website link in website field and the most important is unique Facebook address, People will search through your Facebook unique address. Example ( is our unique addressFill requied fields, facebook, create page
  8. Now Upload an Image for your Fan Page and other setting in next step, it is exactly the same for your Facebook profile.

    Upload photo of facebook page

  9. Now your Facebook page is ready and by inviting your friends increase your Facebook Page likes and share updates related to your website or product.

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